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Formula SAE Michigan


Formula SAE Michigan: May 10-13, 2017
Michigan International Speedway - Brooklyn, Michigan

Formula SAE is an engineering design competition for college and university student members that challenge engineering students to engineer a race car for optimum performance, endurance and emissions.  The students designed and built cars to compete in a variety of events.  The year's Formula SAE Michigan Competition is taking place from May 10-13 at Michigan International Speedway.

MacLean-Fogg is excited and proud to join Formula SAE for another year as a sponsor in 2017!  Participating teams from over 80 universities across the United States and world have the chance to win the "The MacLean-Fogg Fastening Challenge".  




MacLean-Fogg Fastening Challenge - We're Excited for This Year's Participants

The importance of fastening in vehicle design and performance is often overlooked and under engineered; that's why we want you to show us how you used your skills to build a robust fastened system. The MacLean-Fogg Fastening Challenge is a competition within Formula SAE that allows the competing teams to present a particularly challenging fastener problem they encountered during their preparation for the competition. MacLean-Fogg representatives from across the company judge the submissions based on creativity, engineering acumen, and resourcefulness. Three winning teams are selected each year and receive monetary rewards for their ingenuity. In past years the MacLean-Fogg judges have enjoyed submissions from everything from simple solutions to body attachments, to complicated fastening systems for engine mounts. To read up on the specific details and requirements all participating teams are up against, click here

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MacLean-Fogg is comprised of MacLean Power Systems and MacLean-Fogg Component Solutions. MacLean-Fogg is led by President and CEO Barry MacLean.



MacLean Power Systems is a leading manufacturer of products for electric utility, telecommunications and civil markets. MPS products include: automatic splices and bolted connectors, silicone rubber non-ceramic insulators for transmission, distribution and substation applications, hollow core insulators, surge arresters, guy and foundation anchors, pole line hardware, aluminum and ductile clamps, fiberglass brackets and guy strains, steel fabrications, and grounding equipment. MacLean Power Systems is headquartered in York, SC and is made up of the following divisions/locations:

  • Alabaster, Alabama – Cast Aluminum and Fiberglass Manufacturing
  • Pelham, Alabama – Aluminum Foundry
  • Trenton, Tennessee - Connectors, Insulator and Pole Line Hardware Manufacturing
  • Wood Dale, Illinois (Maclean Senior Industries) – Telecommunication Equipment Manufacturing
  • Newberry, South Carolina – Pultruded Fiberglass
  • York, South Carolina – Insulator Manufacturing
  • San Paulo, Brazil (Maclean do Brazil) – Formed Wire
  • North Ryde, New South Wales, Australia – Vibration Dampers
  • Shah Alam Selangor, Malaysia – Insulator Assemblies
  • Amphur Muang Chachoengsao, Thailand – Vibration Dampers
  • Laizhou, Shandong, China (MacLean Power China) – Forging
  • Taiping Town, Conghua Guangzhou, China (MacLean Power China) – Composite Insulators
  • St. Yorre, France (MacLean Power France) – Hollow Core Insulators
  • Cussett, France (MacLean Power France) – Hollow Core Insulators (800KV)
  • Quebec, Providence of Quebec – MacLean Power Canada

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MacLean-Fogg Component Solutions is a leading manufacturer of fastener components, engineered components and engineered plastics for automotive, heavy truck, and other diverse industries. Core MFCS products include locknuts, decorative automotive wheel fasteners, high temperature fasteners, Hatebur process hot forgings, cold formed products, machined products, functional engineered plastic and suspension products. MFCS is headquartered in Mundelein, IL and is made up of the following divisions/locations:

To learn more about our specific products by industry, please visit our industry pages here.

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