Bull Creek Clean Up

Back in 2013, Lake County, Illinois was hit by a large storm that caused high flooding and damaged watersheds. In the backyard of the Mundelein facility is the Bull Creek Watershed, which is one of the many damaged watersheds. The Accelerated Leadership Program (ALP) Team and Mundelein Park and Recreation Department (MPRD) connected and were able to organize a clean-up day which took place on Saturday, June 11th.

The Bull Creek clean-up was an integral initial phase of a larger landscape engineering project aimed to correct erosion of the Bull Creek Watershed.

The event took place at Keith Mione Community Park in Mundelein, which can receive up to 1 million visitors a year. And, the Bull Creek Watershed, which is located in the park, provides storm water drainage for over 500 local homes.

MacLean-Fogg had great representation from the Farmhouse (internal nickname for MacLean-Fogg headquarters), MacLean Senior Industries, Mundelein plant and their families and friends.

The event was a great success, and MacLean-Fogg participants far exceeded MPRD expectations. Everyone outlasted the heat and had some fun clearing the overgrown area surrounding Bull Creek. Efforts put in by the MacLean-Fogg team saved the MPRD about $4,500 which can now be reallocated to another part of the Bull Creek Restoration Project.

MacLean-Fogg is dedicated to sustaining community service activities. We look forward to future opportunities in supporting our local community, and we hope everyone will continue to be part of our efforts.



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