CSC Award Presentation at Kettering University

On April 5, 2018, the President of the MacLean-Fogg Fastener Components Group presented the 2018 SAE Clean Snowmobile Challenge award in Flint, Michigan to the Kettering University team for placing first in the competition.

The first Clean Snowmobile Challenge (CSC) was held in March 2000, in Jackson Hole, WY. The competition was the inspiration of Lori Fussell, President of the Institute of Science, Ecology, and the Environment; and Bill Paddleford, Teton County Commissioner. The organizers combined forces with Society of Automotive Engineers Collegiate Design Series Competitions to provide a venue for the universities to tackle issues related to snowmobile noise and gaseous emissions. Today, universities from across the upper United States and Canada compete each year in this event. (Source: 2018 SAE Clean Snowmobile Challenge, page 17)

The competition challenges young engineering talent and drives innovation that often leads to solving real life problems and commercial applications. Students are challenged to create a balance between consumer needs/wants (i.e. performance), and environmental considerations, such as noise and air pollution.

MacLean-Fogg Involvement
MacLean-Fogg became involved with the program five years ago; the company’s contributions place it as a Platinum Level sponsor. The company presents a Championship Cup to the team that places first in the competition. The cup remains in the possession of the winning team for one year. The cup is the result of MacLean-Fogg’s partnership with Detroit’s Gyro Creative and the well-recognized, Italian-born, Detroit-area artist, Sergio De Giusti. (Source: 2018 SAE Clean Snowmobile Challenge, page 15)

During the award presentation ceremony, about 25 students were in attendance. The president of the MacLean-Fogg Fastener Components Group presented the team with the cup and their award check and told students about MacLean-Fogg.

Post Awards Presentation Tour
Post the awards presentation, a graduate student and Kettering University CSC team leader took the President of the MacLean-Fogg Fastener Components Group on a tour of the engineering facilities. Items of note from the tour included: the workshop where the students actually fabricate components and assemble their vehicles; engine testing lab; wind tunnel for assessing and fine-tuning aerodynamic aspects of the vehicles; room filled with 3D printers, where students can design shapes using CAD models and feed the file to a 3D printer so that they can see the physical result of their designs; the lab where work is being performed on the development of autonomous vehicles; the “t-SPACE”, where students are encouraged to “Think, Tinker, Thrive.”

Kettering University
Kettering University is a private cooperative education and experiential learning-based university in Flint, Michigan, offering bachelor's and master's degrees in STEM and business fields. (Source: Wikipedia)

In a study profiled in The Economist, Kettering University ranked fourth in the country in producing alumni who hold patents. Kettering University was ranked first in the country in career preparation in a 2017 survey conducted by The Wall Street Journal. (Source:


The "t-SPACE" encourages out of the box thinking and innovation.


MacLean-Fogg label on the front cover of the winning snowmobile.