Ex-Im Bank Supported Global Business

Recently, Margaret MacLean, MPS President, Europe, Middle East, Africa, participated in an African Roundtable at Ex-Im Bank’s 2015 Annual Conference in Washington D.C., along with a number of representatives from the business and finance sectors. The panel focused on Access to Credit and Doing Business in Africa. Over the past years, Ex-Im’s support made MacLean’s participation in a large rural electrification in Ghana possible.

Ex-Im is an independent, self-sustaining bank and federal agency that offers support for U.S businesses to export their products overseas, supporting the export of American made goods. Ex-Im offers policies to finance projects as well as policies that protect businesses against non-payment from foreign buyers.  Unfortunately, Ex-Im’s operations have now been suspended as Congress adjourned for its August recess without renewing Ex-Im’s license, the first time that this has happened in the bank’s 81 year history.

Margaret MacLean at the Ex-Im Bank Annual Conference