Introducing zerohero™

zerohero™ No-Touch Pull Tool

The health and safety of our employees is always our top priority, and the COVID-19 pandemic brought a whole new set of safety concerns to the forefront. Our innovation team wanted to help. We produced face shields for our front line critical employees as well as local first responders, but we wanted to do more.

Some complaints we heard from our colleagues about the “no touch” tools was that they don’t work on many/most touch screens. Since we use screens both inside our factories and outside at kiosks and checkouts, a solution needed to be engineered.

Our 3D printing team got to work looking for the right combination of materials to make our tool compatible with all touch screens. After a few iterations, we found a combination that worked and have refined it into the zerohero. To us, the zerohero™ is one more tool in our COVID-19 safety protocol toolkit to help keep our employees and families safe both at work and outside of work. That’s why we’ve provided them for all our employees. 

We are now happy to also offer this tool to our Industial peers and the public.  Make zerohero™ part of your COVID-19 safety protocols today.