MacLean-Fogg Sponsors the 2017 SAE Clean Snowmobile Challenge

The 2017 Clean Snowmobile Challenge, which occurred March 6 – 11, was held at the Michigan Technological University Keweenaw Research Center (KRC), which is located in Calumet. The main campus is located in Houghton, Michigan. The awards ceremony and several other events related to the contest were held on the main campus. This year's event featured teams competing in both the IC (internal combustion) and ZE (zero emissions) categories.

The IC category requires the development of a snowmobile that can be used in environmentally sensitive areas (places like our national parks or similar places around the world). The ZE category requires the development of a snowmobile with good range and performance, while emitting nothing hazardous. These vehicle types are good for remote areas and arctic spaces such as Greenland’s ice cap.

A total of 24 teams/schools participated in the event this year. Schools included Clarkson University, New York;  Ecole De Technologie Superieure, Canada; Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis, Indiana; Iowa State, Iowa; Kettering University, Michigan; Michigan Technological University, Michigan; North Dakota State University, North Dakota; Northern Illinois University, Illinois: Rochester Institute of Technology, New York; South Dakota School of Mines & Technology,  South Dakota; St. Cloud State University, Minnesota; SUNY Buffalo State, New York; University of Idaho, Idaho;  University of Minnesota – Twin Cities, Minnesota; University of Minnesota – Duluth, Minnesota; University of Waterloo, Canada; and University of Wisconsin – Madison, Wisconsin.

MacLean-Fogg sponsored the event for the fourth year in a row awarding the winning IC gasoline team possession of the MacLean-Fogg Cup and a $1,000 prize. MacLean-Fogg (MacLean Power Systems and MacLean-Fogg Component Solutions) volunteers were on hand throughout the week long event to assist organizers and work with students.

As the week progressed, the teams and their snowmobiles went through various events such as an endurance run (IC only), sled range and draw bar pull tests (ZE only), design presentations, subjective and objective handling tests, emissions testing along with a cold starting event.

MFCS management was on hand for the Awards Banquet. Ecole De Technologie Superieure was awarded the MacLean-Fogg Cup and the $1,000 prize. We look forward to our involvement and sponsorship in next year's event!

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