MacLean Maynard and Oakland University Working Together

MacLean Maynard Receives Oakland University Partner Award

In February 2018, MacLean Maynard was recognized at Oakland University for being a partner to the Oakland University Pawley Lean Institution. MacLean Maynard partners with Oakland University to give students the opportunity to observe lean tools in use at their facility.

MacLean Maynard hosts tours for Oakland University students showcasing the practical use of tools and the philosophy behind their actions. MacLean Maynard also gives students an opportunity to practice lean tools in the MacLean Maynard facility by hiring interns and full-time employees from the program.

Mutually Beneficial Relationship

The partnership with Oakland University and MacLean Maynard has been mutually beneficial. Students have an opportunity to practice Operation Excellence in a manufacturing environment and MacLean Maynard has an opportunity to keep sharp by continuing to teach Lean methodology. MacLean Maynard looks forward to continuing the relationship to help improve students’ lean education and add new ideas and professionals to the MacLean Maynard facility.

Oakland University Students Tour MacLean Maynard Operations

On February 7, 2018, MacLean Maynard in Chesterfield, Michigan, opened their office and plant to 24 Oakland University students. MacLean personnel taught students the history of the company and how products are made.

Presentation and Q&A

The 3-hour presentation started with general information, key processes, employee count, daily operations, products and equipment. Actual products were displayed in a small case and passed to each student to inspect. After the informational session and the plant tour, the General Manager gave students his full attention in a lengthy question and answer. Students were especially fixated on culture and integrity.

Oakland University Alumni Give Back to Students

Several MacLean employee presenters are Oakland University Alumni and are eager to give back to students.

MacLean Employees Impart Culture and Corporate Environment
Students were able to see first-hand 5S, TPM and Waste Elimination on the floor and in the office. The plant was well lit, clean and very organized. MacLean employees were engaged, informed and excited to share their knowledge with young minds.