Metform Employee Yard Sale for Local Fire Department

Throughout the years, Metform employees have volunteered with local fire and emergency response organizations. Metform supports and acknowledges their contributions to our communities. 

Metform’s yard sale was held in conjunction with the Savanna city-wide yard sales. Metform CARS Team Members (Community Assistance Relief and Support) co-chaired the event for Metform. Employees gave generously and donated new and gently-used items for the sale—clothing, bedding, chairs, tables, lamps, small appliances, books, Christmas decorations etc. 

The event brought in $500 that was donated to the Savanna Fire Department. Remaining unsold items were donated to the Savanna Thrift Shop, Bargain Bonanza and Salvation Army in Clinton, IA. All-in-all, a win-win for everyone! Thank you to employees who gave generously. 

Metform matched the employee yard sale funds and an additional $500 was donated to the Savanna Ambulance Association! Metform sees the need, and is proud to be involved in the ongoing welfare of our communities.

Metform employees and Metform as a company—working together we can accomplish anything!