Metform Gets Movin' in 2018 for School Supplies

Metform, the hot forging division of MacLean-Fogg Component Solutions, located in Savanna, Illinois, has an employee-driven team named The Metform CARS (Community Assistance Relief and Support) Team. The Team looks for ways to help local communities with their need for food, coats, school supplies, etc. or to help worthwhile organizations and causes.

The Metform CARS Team sponsored a Walk-Run-Bike-Swim and Exercise for School Supplies effort in 2018. Metform matched logged miles by employees with dollars to purchase school supplies. Fifty school children, in grades K-4, received help.

Education is a responsibility that has been entrusted to all of us. Children need necessary tools to learn skills for tomorrow's jobs. Metform's donation is part of an ongoing effort to influence the welfare of the community and its children.

•  We walked 1,096 miles
•  Ran 243 miles
•  Bicycled 205 miles
•  Swam 146 laps
•  Exercised in a fitness class 174 times

Thank you to everyone who participated in this event and to Metform for matching logged miles with the dollars needed to purchase school supplies. Metform filled a need and established healthier lifestyle habits. CARS Team members packaged everything for delivery. Great Job everyone!