Metform Walked, Ran, Biked, and Swam for School Supplies

From July 30 through August 26, 2017, Metform employees walked, ran, bicycled and swam laps.  It was Metform's chance to help school children whose families could not financially afford to get them what was required to start school.

29 kindergarten through 4th grade West Carroll students received assistance with their school supplies and Metform employees formed healthy exercise habits!

Healthier bodies and educated minds. It was a win/win!

Overall Totals for participating Metform associates - 4,332.20 miles

Walking  1,711 miles.  
Running  394 miles
Bicycling  1,936 miles
Swimming  292.00 laps.

Congratulations to the Metform team for an outstanding effort and a great cause served.

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