MFCS Royal Oak Celebrates Its First Year Anniversary of Lean Basic with a Record

MacLean-Fogg Component Solutions Royal Oak is the recognized global leader in the manufacture of decorative capped wheel nuts.  In April of 2013, Royal Oak hosted its first Lean Basic class to teach an introduction to lean concepts and tools.  Since then, more Lean Basic classes have been taught at Royal Oak. Sixty-seven students have participated in 8 classes. Fifty-nine of the students were Royal Oak employees, while 8 of the students were either MFCS Chesterfield or MFCS Corporate employees.

Each Lean Basic class is unique for the students and for the instructors even though the content is the same. During the most recent class (April 2014), the instructors had the pleasure to watch the students form a cohesive team in a very short timeframe. By Day 4 of the April class, a combination of mutual respect and both overt and silent leadership brought the team together to set a record time while playing the SMED (quick changeover) game.

During the SMED game, the students try to changeover (go from good part A to good part B) on a toy press as quickly as possible. During Round 1 of the game, the students took about 7 minutes to complete the changeover. After Round 1, the students deliberately applied the tools taught in Lean Basic to make the changeover in Round 2 in less than 1 minute. The team wasn’t satisfied with their results. They performed further analysis to make the changeover in 6 seconds in Round 3. Finally, in Round 4, three of the team members came together to assist in the changeover. Their teamwork and lightening reflexes resulted in a changeover time of less than 0.5 second!

It was awesome to witness the team working so well together and having such fantastic results.  What a great way to celebrate the First Anniversary of Lean Basic at Royal Oak!



Personnel work to eliminate wastes from their changeover during the SMED (quick changeover) game.



Findings are presented from the Value Stream Mapping exercise to the team and the visiting staff at the end of the class.