MFCS Saegertown Reaches 100% Lean Basic Certified

MacLean-Fogg Component Solutions Saegertown plant has reached 100% Lean Basic certification for their full-time workforce. This is a huge accomplishment. Everyone worked diligently to complete their certification requirements.

Lean Basic classes began at Saegertown in July of 2013. The final class was completed in February of 2016. Through the whole cycle, they learned that classroom training was the easy part. Follow-up with participants, and getting time set aside for individuals to work on their deliverables was the real challenge.

Through this journey, the Saegertown team completed 48 Lean Basic PDCA projects. Each PDCA project gives their workforce the opportunity to develop a better sense of “systems” thinking. Numerous 5S, continuous improvement, waste elimination, and standardization projects have been completed on many of the product lines. 

The most impressive part of these accomplishments is that now employees speak-up and challenge the status quo. What was “good enough” in the past is no longer acceptable. The team continues to challenge itself to make the plant better today than it was yesterday. It is rewarding to see employees with the confidence to take on continuous improvement projects and to know that they have support.

Kaizen events run smoother since participants know Lean Basic tools. This enables facilitators to spend time on other Lean topics giving everyone the chance to apply what was learned in Lean Basic. 

Special thanks are extended to Saegertown’s staff, supervisors, and OT department that provided individuals the time necessary to break away from their daily tasks. This was a driving factor behind their success, as well as Lean Basic study halls that were offered every week ensuring that individuals needing assistance with their deliverables participated.

Completing this milestone is only the beginning. Moving forward, Saegertown will take successes of Lean Basic training and give their employees new challenges to enable them to grow and develop further. Saegertown will take a moment to celebrate, and then they’ll get back to the “Lean Journey.”