MPS Anchor Team Helps an Eagle Soar

MacLean Power System's anchor team had the unique opportunity to assist Hunter Thoms of Joliet, Illinois (40 miles southwest of Chicago), with completing his Eagle Scout project. Hunter's project involved making improvements to the historic Pilcher Park located near his home.

Robert Pilcher, the park's namesake, was the owner of a paper mill who had a passion for parks. In 1920, he donated 327 acres of land for park and recreation use. Today, the park encompasses nearly 500 acres.

Hunter made several improvements to one of the park's trail heads, which included making landscaping improvements surrounding the bronze statue of Robert Pilcher, as well as installing two wooden benches, which were each outfitted with two Duckbill 68 ATI earth anchors. These small wire rope anchor assemblies (the anchor itself is about the size of your thumb and is attached to a 5' long 3/16" diameter wire rope) are easily installed by hand and are able to resist tension or a pulling load over 1,000 lbs. in normal soil conditions. These qualities made the Duckbill 68 ATI earth anchoring system perfect for Hunter's application and will ensure that the benches stay in place for many years to come, so that all who come to the park may enjoy them.


BEFORE:  The statue is surrounded by what amounts to a patch of dirt. The trail head is also devoid of benches and the grass has become unkempt.


INSTALLING THE ANCHORS: Hunter is driving the anchors into the ground using a large hammer while his friend holds the drive rod in place.


AFTER:  There are now native flowers surrounding the statue and the field has been restored. New benches have been anchored in place using MPS Duckbill 68 anti-theft earth anchors - one can be seen on either side of each bench.


These small anti-theft anchors are typically used with benches, outdoor grills, trampolines, and many other outdoor or backyard assets. Also available is a larger Duckbill 88 model for use in poorer soil conditions or when larger pulling loads (up to 3000 lbs.) need to be resisted.