MPS Civil Product's Team Visits the Windy City with AIA 2014

MacLean Power Systems (MPS) Civil Product’s team attended the American Institute of Architects annual convention in Chicago, Illinois June 26-28. Approximately 20,000 architects, representing the United States and numerous other countries, visited McCormick Place convention center. A major focus on AIA 2014 were the innovative and cost effective designs that create an environment, which promotes good health for the community. This focus addressed health-driven initiatives for the human community, and ideas for creating a healthy environment to pass on to the future.


MacLean Civil Product's booth at AIA 2014.

The MPS Civil Product’s Expo Team included the Civil Business Manager, Civil Product Engineer, and Customer Service Representative. The MPS Civil Product’s booth showcased our entire solutions group including the Dixie (helical), Foresight (driven) and MVP (grouted) product lines along with our industry-leading product support. Our Expo Team participated in the event chat program, which provided opportunities for participants to explain how their products and services help AIA provide cost effective and environmentally friendly solutions for construction issues. 

New to our booth this year were numerous educators from several University Architectural programs throughout the United States. Our team immediately directed these visitors to the Deep Foundation Institute’s (DFI) website to view the Helical Piles and Tiebacks Committee newly released University PowerPoint presentation. Many of the educators were impressed with the helical industry’s initiative in providing tools to teach the upcoming construction professional community.

MPS Civil Products Responds to Concerns
Visitors to our booth inquired about quality assurance of helical products arriving on project sites. MPS Civil Products stressed the importance of only specifying products evaluated by the AC358 criteria with no opportunity for substitution. These products ensure the owner is purchasing a proven high quality product for their construction solutions.

MPS Civil Products Interacts with Decision-makers
The AIA 2014 was a success for MPS Civil Products as our Expo Team was able to interact with major decision-makers in the construction selection process. By educating as many decision-making members on the design and construction teams as possible, MPS Civil Product’s cost effective, high quality and proven solutions have the potential to be utilized throughout the construction industry. The hope is that our focused three pronged approach to the construction market of planned marketing for results, unmatched product support and industry leading, high quality and proven products will aid in bringing helical products to the forefront of solutions in all areas of modern construction.