MPS Pelham Honors the American Flag

Like many companies, MPS has a flagpole in the front lawn near the highway. Early one morning while pulling into work, the head of the Engineering Department at MacLean Power Systems in Pelham, AL, realized that the light was out that illuminated the American flag and noticed that the flag had seen better days. It had become thin, worn, and tattered along the edges.

After searching the web for a new flag and putting in a maintenance request for the light to be replaced, he received, quite coincidentally, a call from a member of the local American Legion wanting to know if they could replace the flag in front of MacLean Power Systems. They too had noticed the condition. Surprised and excited, the head of the Engineering Department told them that they were more than welcome to replace the flag!

About the American Legion
The American Legion is a veteran’s organization. According to their mission statement, they are “committed to mentoring youth and sponsoring wholesome programs in our communities, advocating patriotism and honor, promoting strong national security, and continuing devotion to our fellow service members and veterans.” The American Legion Post 555 Matthew Blount in Pelham, AL was named after a community resident who died after serving in the armed forces.

The Proper Process for Replacing an American Flag
In lean manufacturing, we learn that there is a process for everything. The patriotic men and women from the American Legion showed the team at MPS Pelham the proper process for replacing a flag. After a brief introduction from one of its members, the detail stood at attention as bugles played in the background. While one member stood in front of the flag and lowered it, two other members stood at attention until the flag came down. The flag was then folded meticulously by the flag bearer, as only an experienced veteran can do. After handing the old flag off to be properly disposed of, the new flag was then presented, unfolded, and raised. It was at this time that the announcement came for all attendees to honor our nation’s flag, and for the first time, with the new flag hoisted and flying high, the American Legion led everyone in our nation’s Pledge of Allegiance.

MPS Pelham Participated in a Spectacular Presentation
At the conclusion, the American Legion thanked the head of the Engineering Department for having them come out, and presented him with an award. They also thanked the General Manager who made a generous donation to their cause. It was a great day spent with amazing people who performed a spectacular presentation. After they left, the team at MPS Pelham agreed they would regularly check the condition of the flag. If it is ever in need of replacement, they know who to call!