MPS Sweetwater, TN Plant Focuses on Safety

April 2019 was the one-year anniversary for the Sweetwater facility without a recordable accident. This was an improvement from the previous few years when there were recordable accidents that could have been prevented. This was a wakeup call and signaled that it was time to look at how things were being done.

Striving for a Mature Safety Culture
A safety incident is personal. As an example, the difference between minor surgery and major surgery is that, when it is someone else’s surgery, it is minor, and when it is your surgery, it is major. When someone gets hurt, it is major to them. This was our motivation for change. We are committed to recognizing the human factor, leading with integrity, and backing-up safety talk with action. We want our employees to know that they are important and that we care about them. We encourage them to embrace a safety culture and to challenge the status quo.

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   Our Mission Zero motto is that all accidents are preventable.
Through a thoughtful and focused effort, we will enact tangible and sustainable change.

Taking the First Step Toward Safety
We realize that the first step to achieving a safe working environment is to identify problems that need resolution and identify what we are doing that is not working. Defining what to do next is more challenging. We respond to safety-related incidents with urgency and have learned that getting in front of situations helps employees recognize the risks.

Preventing employees from becoming complacent and thinking that, because they haven’t had an accident, what they are doing is safe alerts employees to the risks and encourages change. Employees are aware that safety is the main deliverable for everything we do. Our goal is to build trust, better understand the demands the shop floor faces, and demonstrate that we are all team players looking out for everyone’s best interest.

Developing an Environment of Respect, Corroboration and Teamwork
Early in 2018, we focused on communicating a commitment to work safely every second of every day, no excuses. Today, the message is clear. We have a team responsibility to watch out for one another and encourage each other to work safely. We recognize that credit for our improvement in recordable rate goes to individuals working on the shop floor.

Following Safety Rules is the Right Thing to Do
Change starts with management and is recognized by all employees. When team members are treated with respect, they can recognize unsafe acts, and work to prevent them. That’s when change happens. We are committed to connecting with our employees on the topic of safety every time. We want employees to be safe and to do the right things when no one is watching.

Management commits to drive cultural change. We recognize that the numbers needed to run a business are a small part of a healthy enterprise. We want employees to be able to go home to their families every day. As we continue toward a safety culture, we embrace each challenge with the attitude that, as we solve these issues, we will all be better and safer.

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Dock lock system installed to prevent trailer and dock separation.


Auger disconnect installed so that LOTOTO can be performed at aggregate shoot.