MPS Technical Presentation in Armenia

Four years ago, the High Voltage Electricity Network (HVEN) of Armenia commissioned Kalpatharu, an Indian contractor, to build a 220 kV transmission line in the mountainous region of southern Armenia. The contractor successfully introduced MPS polymer insulators into the Armenian market in 2013.

MPS won the transmission insulator business consecutively over a 3-year period. Beginning in Q4 of 2016, the line began to experience a series of inexplicable faults that lasted through June 2017. Engineers on staff at Kalpatharu and at the utility were scratching their heads trying to determine the root cause of the fault.

MPS’ regional technology expert traveled to Armenia in July to determine the root cause of the fault. While the utility initially suspected that there was a faulty insulator on the line, based upon MPS’ visit and involvement in the site analysis, it was soon discovered that the root cause of the transient line faults was an earth wire with excessive sag swinging too close to the B phase. The close-proximity of the earth wire to the B phase was causing transient faults during high wind periods.

Following the on-site visit to the line, MPS delivered an insightful and eye-opening presentation attended by HVEN, the national utility. Also in attendance were the US Ambassador to Armenia and Armenia’s Minister of Energy. At the heart of the technical presentation was the role played by high quality insulators in a reliable power network.

While many of the engineers were brought up in the old-school mindset that was resistant to change, they readily accepted the expert MPS message regarding the technical benefits of polymer for Armenia’s rugged conditions. Many eager engineers simply had not been exposed to composites and quickly embraced the advantages of polymer in the workshop setting.

Through the help of the US Embassy in Yerevan’s logistical support and the kind opening remarks by the Ambassador, the technical presentation hosted on July 12 was a success. Notably, this was also the first time for the MPS presenter to have his presentation simultaneously translated by interpreters.

An underlying value of MPS is to support power as the most impactful driver of economic growth and prosperity for the citizens of a country like Armenia.  Power lines constructed with proper products boost industry and provide a better environment for people.

Armenia's resident engineers and experts at the presentation

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