MPS Trenton OT War Room: A Year in the Making

MPS Trenton quickly realized that we needed a space to communicate our OT journey and allow teams to meet and work on projects. Over the last year, we have been working to transform an old, unused boiler room into our OT War Room.

Special thanks to our company associates who cleared out and painted the room, designed visuals for the room, hung the new visuals, removed electrical panels and junction boxes from the building’s previous tenants, installed HVAC, and for suggesting the blue and grey paint trim around the perimeter of the room. 



May 2016 (above)

Cleaned out old boiler room


July 2016 (above)

Painted walls and hung metal boards

5_Mission_Control_Board  6_PDCA_Board

7_LB_Board  8_VSM_board

September 2016 (above)

Added Mission Control, PDCA, Lean Basic and VSM boards


March 2017 (above)

Expoxied the floor, touched up paint, and added paint trim

10_5S  12_5S

11_5S  13_5S


April 2017 (above)

5S Project