MPS York 2018 OT Model Line Strategy—One Model Line. One at a Time.

The 2018 OT Model Line strategy is underway at MPS York where our first Model Line went live the week of 12/4/17. We continue to create models in the different business environments of Maclean-Fogg in 2018.

The Model Line is a learn-by-doing, multi-week approach that teaches how to:

  • design a system to be able to respond better to our customers,
  • reduce leadtime,
  • design work for the safety and well-being of our people and customers,
  • understand the true nature of respect for people, and
  • create a long-lasting impact for our business.

As we continue to improve every day, Model Lines will shape our vision and our expectations of how our process should look, perform, and respond. We will leverage these examples toward replicating these successes in our entire business.

OT Team Partnership
The OT Team partnered with a group of Toyota veterans to guide us through the Model Line process and better understand how to spread Model Line strategy throughout our plants. The tools taught in Lean Basic were either created or deeply influenced by the Toyota Production System, TPS, which provides the principles and guidelines on how to design better for every operation in our business.

One of the first things learned about building a Model Line is the amount of time dedicated to observing the current state. Tools taught in Lean Basic and Lean Professional were used to highlight every movement, and every detail Operators go through to complete their activities.

The direct observation, by far, is one of the most valuable parts of this process. During the observation, we align all involved with our approach. We take great care in understanding what we are seeing by capturing our observations with specific tools. We talk with our people, we listen to their issues and improvement ideas, and we discuss ways to design better work. Designing better work includes designing a safer environment, one that’s more ergonomically friendly, and building in quality; a process that doesn’t allow defects. The improved design is brought to life during the build phase, where we are physically building the Model Line. We are building the vision. We are doing, simulating, problem solving, doing more kaizen prior to implementation to ensure a smooth transition. This allows us to focus on training and stability and kaizen to smaller problems that surface.

The entire Model Line process is built on collaboration and teamwork and development of our people. MPS York leadership continues to do an outstanding job supporting the OT Model Line process and providing resources as needed. From Operations to Administration to the Executive Team, we are all experiencing great teamwork to make this initiative successful. Everyone is stepping up to help.

As we move forward with the Model Line, we’re learning how to be better stewards of our time, our resources, and for our people. It’s a process we do “with” our team members, not “to” them. And, we certainly don’t do it alone. We do it together, as one MacLean Fogg.

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Model Line Build Phase