The Best Things in Life — MacLean Curtis Buffalo Honors Graduates at School 18

For over 25 years, there has been a partnership between Dr. Antonia Pantoja Community School of Academic Excellence (School 18) and MacLean Curtis, Buffalo, New York. In addition to the celebration of 72 ‘Citizens of the Month’ during the school year, we recognized two outstanding young people who are graduating from 8th grade.

The MacLean Curtis, LLC Citizen Award is presented to one girl and one boy chosen for their adherence to the ideals of Good Citizenship:

• A good citizen is someone who respects others and their property.
• They are helpful and considerate, willing to put others first.
• They help people who are not in a position to help themselves.
• They respect the environment and do not damage it in any way.
• They work hard.
• A good citizen is always willing to learn.

This year, our two recipients, while they both exhibited some of the same qualities, each have diverse goals and plans for the future. Both recipients didn’t speak English when they first arrived at School 18. Learning to speak English and adjust to a new country are no small accomplishments!

Both individuals were LIT’s (Leaders in Training) and spent time working on projects, in addition to their regular schoolwork. When asked why they thought they were recommended for this award, both said it was because they helped people around them.

As far as goals are concerned, one wants to study science and become a doctor and the other wants to study technology and become a pilot. One would change the world by encouraging students to go to school every day because it’s important for them to learn. She would tell them what school is all about and how it could affect their future. The other would like to help change the world by ending terrorist attacks because so many people die. He would accomplish this through technology and telling everyone in the news.

These two young people, who are our leaders for tomorrow, are on a successful path. Daily, they live out the ideals of being a good citizen. They care for others. They are surrounded by supportive family, both at home and at school.

And… they live out this quote in their young lives, “If you care enough, you can make a difference.” (Lorretta Swit) With students like these, our future looks bright.