2013 Paris Air Show

2013 Paris Air Show

In June, MacLean-Fogg Component Solutions (MFCS) visited the 50th International Paris Air Show at Le Bourget Airport in France.  The famous airport is the historic landing strip where Charles Lindbergh concluded the first-ever transatlantic airplane crossing.  The show takes place every other year in Paris.  MFCS plans to exhibit its products at next year's Air Show, which will take place at Farnborough in England from July 14-20, 2014.

The show is a weeklong event featuring exciting aerial flight displays of new and existing passenger, cargo and military aircraft.  There are 6 exhibit halls featuring booths and product promotions from all major industry OEMs and suppliers.

The big news at the show is typically the announcement of sales of new aircraft by the major manufacturers to airlines and private equity groups.  Highlights, this year, include:  Airbus signed letters of intent and took orders for 466 airplanes in total, while Boeing sold 442 aircraft during the week.  Embraer also had a good showing with its new E2 narrow body jet with 222 sales.

The global industry for aircraft production and flight operations is forecasted to grow by about 5% compounded annually for the next 5 years.  There is a significant backlog of new aircraft orders, which bodes well for aircraft component suppliers like MFCS.  Air traffic demand is increasing worldwide and especially in emerging markets like Asia and South America.  MFCS supplies both nuts and bolts to the industry through its ESNA and SKY brands respectively.  Typically, these parts require a high level of performance capability and certifications from industry bodies and customers alike due to their critical nature.

Fastener components that end up on these airplanes are sold by MFCS through large distributors around the country.  MFCS has received inquiries for orders that will be placed in the near future to supply the increasing demand for aircraft.

Aircraft and Aerospace product display at the Historic Le Bourget air field.



Embraer EJ200 series Jet Engine on display at the show.



MacLean-Fogg Component Solutions


Nuts and bolts



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