A Fond Farewell to Gerry Nickerson

A Fond Farewell to Gerry Nickerson

1978 was the year that Gerry Nickerson first stepped into his role at MacLean-Fogg.  Since then, he has witnessed innumerable changes in the company and the auto industry itself.  He has been instrumental in establishing our favorable relationship with Ford Motor Company over a long period of time and his accomplishments are too many to name.  On July 9, 2013, the MacLean-Fogg Component Solutions (MFCS) team, as well as some key Ford customers, celebrated Gerry's career and wished him well in his retirement.

Barry MacLean summarized Gerry's tenure in the company with these words: 

"Thirty-five and a half years ago, you joined MacLean-Fogg after a ten-year career at Ford Motor Company.  You helped build MacLean-Fogg from a $10 million supplier in the auto industry to nearly $500 million today.  You are a problem solver extraordinaire and you have exhibited great patience as you taught our company how to better serve great customers such as Ford.  You trained and educated others on the MF team how to become better problem solvers and how to better serve our customers.  You were a key force in moving MacLean-Fogg from a lock nut company to a broad solutions provider of unique fasteners and assemblies.  By your actions, you have encouraged us to expand our facilities and make acquisitions that reinforced our mission to better serve Ford and the auto industry.  Your honesty and your ability to work with others have earned you many friends at Maclean-Fogg, at Ford Motor Company, and the MacLean family.  We honor you today for having achieved so much and we send our congratulations and best wishes as you enter your new career." 

MacLean-Fogg wishes Gerry and his family all the best and thanks him for his valuable years of loyal service.

Barry MacLean roasting Gerry Nickerson on his fine 35-year career with MacLean-Fogg. 




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