Our Brands

MacLean-Fogg is the caretaker of many brands and trademarks that are well known and respected in their various industries. A selection of our brands and trademarks are as follows:


In 2022, MacLean-Fogg launched Threadstrong - a direct-to-consumer aftermarket sales platform for decorative wheel fasteners. To learn more or purchase your own set, visit 



On May 22, 1959, John MacLean III filed a patent for his concept for “Fasteners Having Toothed Bearing Surfaces”. Tragically, John did not survive a plane crash in 1962. But he was able to see the initial success of his “Whiz-Lock” idea. Today, “Whiz-Lock” is one of the most famous brands/terms in the fastener world and is a product now copied by nearly every fastener manufacturer in the world.  Original Whiz-Lock nuts are still manufactured at our Mundelein, Illinois factory.


Other Historic MacLean-Fogg Lock Nut Trademarks

  • Mac-Lock – Lock nut which has its locking feature in the middle, rather than the end of the nut for applications where the bolt does not protrude from the end of the nut
  • Uni-Torque – Design for a nut that can be threaded nearly all of the way down a bolt until wrenching is needed.
  • Two-Way – Design for a reversible lock nut
  • The above products are still manufactured at our Mundelein, Illinois factory


Securex and Axilok

The Metform division of MacLean-Fogg Component Solutions manufactures several well-known fastener brands in the heavy truck market.  They are:

  • Securex – Securex two piece wheel fasteners revolutionized truck wheel securing when they were introduced. They are still the dominant wheel fastener found today on Class 5 – Class 8 trucks.
  • Axilok – Unitized bearing fastener for heavy truck axles.  The one piece design of Axilok is highly valued by OEMs and repair technicians alike.

Truckers and truck mechanics all know that Securex and Axilok are made by MFCS' Metform division in Savanna, Illinois.



Innovative MacLean-Fogg design for a nut/washer combination that mechanically resists loosening.  To learn more about the Innovative Step-Lok design, visit the Step-Lok page on the MacLean-Fogg Component Solutions website by clicking here.  Step-Lok is manufactured at our Mundelein, Illinois factory.


Decorex Stainless Steel Capped Wheel Fasteners

The world's leading automotive wheel fastener, available as original equipment on decorative wheels from most of the world's leading automakers.  Our Decorex stainless steel capped wheel nuts are the most durable, the most attractive and without the negative environmental impacts of chrome.  Visit the Decorex page on the MacLean-Fogg Component Solutions website by clicking here.  Decorex stainless steel capped wheel fasteners are manufactured at our Royal Oak, Michigan factory.


Foresight Civil Anchors

In 2012, MacLean Power acquired Foresight Civil Anchors. Their product portfolio includes several well-known and recognized brands in the industry:

  • Duck Bill Anchors
  • Manta Ray Anchors
  • Sting Ray Anchors

These products belong to the MPS Civil Products Group.  Visit them on line at


MPS Civil Products

Part of MacLean Power Systems.  MPS Civil Products is a result of the acquisition of Joslyn Manufacturing, Dixie Manufacturing and Foresight Products.  The independent organizations represented the three prominent soil anchor manufacturers in the industry.  Joining the brand technologies into MPS Civil Products is now one of the leading suppliers of steel deep foundation systems for use in residential, commercial and marine applications.  Our comprehensive product offering for residential and commercial applications includes engineered solutions for tension, compression and structural stabilization in vast range of soil types, conditions and complexity.


APEX Insulators


The APEX Insulator Systems family of products and services offer complete assemblies for applications at sub-transmission voltages to EHV, including 800kV DC. The system includes:
  • Transmission Suspension Insulators
  • Transmission Line Post Insulators
  • Braced Post Insulator Assemblies with Advanced Load Curve Modeling
  • Engineered Insulator & Hardware Assemblies
  • Advanced Engineering Solutions & Custom Packaging

Zforce Distribution Arrestors


Zforce arresters, acquired by MacLean in 2004, are the next evolution in surge protection backed by a combined history of over 75 years in arrester design and manufacturing experience.  With millions of units in operation worldwide the Zforce arrester is known for its direct molded on Silicone-EPDM blended housing and multistage sealing system to prevent moisture ingress and insure long term reliability.  Available in ZHP heavy duty, ZRP riser pole, and ZNP normal duty ratings.


MRD- MacLean's Real Time Design

MacLean's Real Time Design is a state of the art design tool that allows MacLean Power clients to custom design guying and transmission insulator assemblies and helical foundation systems.  If you are in the power business and would like to register and experience it yourself, please click here.