Our Investment Criteria and Philosophy

At MacLean-Fogg, we are proud of our consistent, long term track record of value creation and growth.   We achieve our growth organically, via the increased customer demand for our products, and through acquisitions.  Please visit our history page for a chronological list of many of our acquisitions over the years.

We will continue to grow both organically and via acquisition.  When we consider investing in an existing company/operation, we look for the following:

  • We invest in businesses serving markets we understand and serve today: At MacLean-Fogg, we tend to invest in businesses that complement our existing products and markets.
  • We invest in manufacturing operations with complementary products and processes: We look for businesses that allow us to expand our product offerings and better meet our customer needs.
  • We invest in businesses that can benefit from MacLean-Fogg’s size and global reach: We seek out solid businesses well positioned for “the next level” that can benefit from our global sales, engineering and procurement resources.
  • We invest in businesses aligning with the MacLean-Fogg culture: MacLean-Fogg has acquired and integrated a significant number of businesses over the past 30 years.  We understand how culture compatibility plays a significant role in the continued success of the acquired business and strive to find compatible businesses.
  • We often invest in businesses where current ownership is more than financially invested:  We are an entrepreneurial family business.  Most of the businesses we acquire are also entrepreneurial family businesses.   We are proud of many business owners who have entrusted us with their business legacy and our track record for growing those acquired businesses.
  • We have a long term focus.  We never “bet the ranch”: We do not know when the next market downturn will occur.  But we do know, just like every other market downturn the past 87 years, that we will be flexible and nimble enough to manage it.  As an entrepreneurial company, we take risks every day.  But, to borrow a baseball analogy, we manage our risks and seek to grow by hitting many singles, not by hoping for home runs.

Are you a business owner who is thinking about selling?  Do you think your business might fit to the above criteria?  We would be very happy to talk to you. Please fill out our “Contact Us” form at the attached link and our appropriate Senior Executive will get in touch with you.