Our Culture and Values

“Help the Industry, and We Help Ourselves. Serve the Customer, On Time with a Fair Price and World Class Quality.” The phrase has been the founding and guiding principle of MacLean-Fogg.

We believe in entrepreneurship. It was entrepreneurial spirit that led John MacLean, Sr. and Jack Fogg to found the company in 1925. It is that same entrepreneurial spirit that has guided the company’s growth and success for over 90 years.

We are value creators. Our mission is to create value for our customers, our shareholders, our employees and the communities where we do business. We are proud that over 3500 associates have chosen to build their careers with us, over 2000 in the United States.  

We make things. We take tremendous pride that the products we manufacture, make our customer’s lives better. From our smallest locknut to our largest ultra-high voltage hollow core insulators, our products positively impact billions of lives every day.  We are a market share leader in nearly every area where we compete. 

We are a family business. The MacLean-Fogg family includes each of our global associates. We treat all people with equality and with respect. We create workplace culture that stresses respect, openness, personal growth and entrepreneurship.  We listen to all voices.  We put 100% support behind all our decisions, even the 52%/48% decisions.

We believe in education.  We invest in the educating and training of our employees to assure that the company and our employees all remain competitive and our best.  We believe we are only as good as our weakest link.

We improve every day. Continuous improvement is part of our culture at MacLean-Fogg.  It is our goal to have the most productive factories in the world.  We strive to improve productivity, quality and costs year over year to assure that our factories remain world class and the preferred suppliers to our customers.

The keys to our success are the engagement of our dynamic and adaptive employees, along with the MacLean-Fogg entrepreneurial culture. Our Goals are supported by a robust performance management process, and commitment to operational excellence. Through our “Commitment to Excellence”, we will achieve the growth and profitability that will fuel our continued success.

These basic principles are fundamental to MacLean-Fogg’s success:

  • Integrity is the value upon which everything else rests: We believe that ethical behavior is the foundation of a good business. We do the right things at all times.
  • It's about people: We strive to create a workplace that practices respect, openness, collaboration, personal growth, and entrepreneurship. We are determined to achieve excellence in Environmental, Health & Safety through Mission Zero.
  • Our customers are the focus of everything we do: With our customers in the forefront, we are driven by a culture of continuous improvement in pursuit of excellence in all we do. By building positive relationships, we strive to anticipate and satisfy their needs with world class products and services.
  • We value stewardship: We are responsible for the welfare of everything that is entrusted to our care: our employees, customers, and the environment. It is our obligation to strictly manage our business performance to ensure perpetuity for the benefit of generations to come.