Our History

Founded in 1925, MacLean-Fogg offered one lock nut to North America’s railroads. Through innovative product development and selected acquisitions, the business has grown into a worldwide enterprise with facilities throughout Europe and North America and sales of nearly $900 million annually.

1925 – John MacLean Sr., former vice president and general manager of the Boss Nut Company, takes advantage of an opportunity to start his own business in locking fasteners. His assets include his own energy and creativity, the Number 1 Lock Nut, his partner, Jack Fogg – a legend in the railroad industry – and his two customers: the Santa Fe Railroad and the Milwaukee Railroad.

1927 – John MacLean Junior joins the MacLean-Fogg Company. His philosophy for the company, which lives today is “Help the industry, and we will help ourselves. Solve the customer’s problems, at a fair price, and on time.”

1929 – MacLean-Fogg acquired the Water Tight Bolt, which solves severe problems connected with boxcar walls on angle posts by eliminating seepage of water into boxcars. The company buys the invention, marketed it, and continued to improve upon it.

1938 – MacLean invents the Lock Tight Floor Clip and is granted a patent.

1961 – Barry L. MacLean, mechanical engineer, joins the firm. Today, he is responsible for building a successful global business with nearly 3,000 employees, and over 23 locations held tight with a bond of personal integrity and the highest standards of performance.

1962 –  The Company sadly lost John MacLean Jr., a critical contributor to the Company’s success. 

1965 – Expansion of the fastener division continues with the opening of the plant in Mundelein, Illinois.

1972 – Barry MacLean becomes the new president.

1975 – MacLean-Fogg celebrates 50 years of business.

1976 – MacLean-Fogg continues to expand and diversify with the founding of their Metform Division producing Hot Formed Products. This is the first offsite facility built.

1980 – Opening of the Detroit sales office.

1982 – MacLean-Fogg purchases Polymer Technologies in Whitewater, Wisconsin.

1983 – The original focus of the company, the railroad business, is sold.

1984 – MacLean-Fogg acquires Precision Cold Forge and added to Metform in Savanna, Illinois.

1986 –The first business on the Power side, Reliable Power Products of Franklin Park, Illinois was acquired.

1987 - Reliable/Bethea, in Pelham, Alabama opened.

1990 – MacLean-Fogg celebrated 65 years in business.

1991 – Ground is broken for a new Polymer plant in Whitewater, Wisconsin.

1995 - MacLean Fiberglass in Newberry, South Carolina joins the company.

1995 – MacLean-Fogg celebrates its 70th year in business.

1995 – MacLean-Fogg Company names a new division, MacLean Power Systems, as Continental Electric and Atlas Power are acquired.

1996 - Utilities Service Company is acquired by MacLean Power Systems and relocated to Trussville, Alabama.

1997 – MacLean Power acquired the fiberglass crossarm products of Pentech Industries.

1997MacLean Maynard is acquired in Chesterfield, Michigan.

1998 - MacLean Power makes their initial investment outside the USA by acquiring Canada’s Hydrocom International. The firm would then be renamed MacLean Power Canada.

1999 –MacLean-Fogg acquires Industrial and Automotive Fasteners of Royal Oak, Michigan, which becomes MacLean Vehicles Systems, Royal Oak (now known as MacLean-Fogg Component Solutions Royal Oak).

2000 – MacLean Power acquires American Metal Products from Preformed Line Products.

2002 - MacLean Power Systems acquired business units from Sediver, Inc. in York, South Carolina, renaming it MacLean Power York.

2002 – MacLean Power acquired the Hollow Core non-ceramic insulator facility in St. Yorre, France, renaming it MacLean Power France.

2004 - MacLean Power Systems acquires the electrical hardware maker Josyln.

2005 – MacLean Power Systems acquired the anchor rod maker, Dixie, in Birmingham, Alabama.

2007 – Barry MacLean is inducted into the National Industrial Fastener Show Hall of Fame – recognized for his leadership and contributions both in the fastener industry and to the greater community.

2008 – The Board of Directors of the MacLean-Fogg Company elects Duncan MacLean to President of MacLean Vehicle Systems.

2008 – The MacLean-Fogg Company announces purchase of Saegertown Manufacturing Company, Saegertown, Pennsylvania – a manufacturer of specialized engineered metal components for diverse applications in North America including mining, home construction, and automotive marketplaces, and Proform Tool Corporation, Saegertown, Pennsylvania, a manufacturer of hot and cold metal forged products.

2010 - MacLean-Fogg Company celebrates its 85th Anniversary.

2011 - Barry MacLean celebrates his 50th Anniversary as a MacLean-Fogg employee on August 18th, 2011.

2011 – MacLean Vehicle Systems becomes MacLean-Fogg Component Solutions – a comprehensive brand shift allowing support of new industries, new technology, and new team members – while proving true to its time-honored heritage of ingenuity.

2012 - MFCS merges its Polymer Technologies Division in Whitewater, WI with Engineered Plastics Corporation in Menomonee Falls, WI to form a new Engineered Plastics Company division of MFCS.

2012 - Foresight, located in Commerce, Colorado joins MacLean Power Systems.  Foresight manufactures anchors for the telecommunications and civil engineering markets.

2012 - MacLean Power Systems and Senior Industries, located in Wood Dale, IL jointly announce the merger of their telecommunications businesses into one combined leading company named MacLean Senior Industries.

2013 - The Metform division of MacLean-Fogg Component Solutions opens the new M1 machining plant in Savanna, IL to produce automatic transmission gear blanks for advanced 8 and 9 speed light vehicle transmissions.

2013 - MacLean Power Systems acquires IPREL a manufacturer of formed wire products located near Sao Paulo, Brazil. 

2014 - The Buffalo, NY and Cornelius, NC facilities of Curtis Screw, a leader in precision machining products, join the MacLean-Fogg Component Solutions family of companies.

2015 - MacLean-Fogg Company Celebrates 90 years in business.

2015 - Duncan MacLean becomes President of MacLean-Fogg.

2016 - The MacLean Curtis location in NC moved into a larger building from Cornelius to Mooresville.

2016 - MacLean-Fogg Component Solutions' Metform celebrates 40 years.

2017Engineered Plastics Company 's new Menomonee Falls location opened.

2021 - MFCS acquires MacLean Master, previously Master Automatic, into the Engineered Solutions group

2021 - MFCS acquires assets of Formetrix, now known as MacLean Additive

2022 - MacLean-Fogg launches Threadstrong - a direct-to-consumer aftermarket sales platform for decorative wheel fasteners. 

2022 - MacLean Additive expands business to new location in Sterling Heights, MI


Jack Fogg


John MacLean Jr.



Margaret, Barry and Duncan MacLean



Duncan and Barry MacLean at Barry's induction into the fastener Hall of Fame



Saegertown plant with MVS sign.  MVS renamed MacLean-Fogg Component Solutions (MFCS) in 2011.



Mundelein plant with MFCS sign


MacLean-Fogg 90th Anniversary Logo from 2015


MacLean-Fogg Logo


Original MacLean-Fogg Logo