Global Reach / MacLean-Fogg International

The MacLean-Fogg Company is a global company with a strong United States operational core. A full 1/3 of the MacLean-Fogg business is outside North America.  When other firms were just starting to think about international operations, MacLean-Fogg International was already hard at work in Taiwan forging relationships with Asian manufacturing firms.

In addition to our strong core of manufacturing operations in the United States, MacLean-Fogg also serves our global customers with manufacturing in the following countries:

In additional to global manufacturing, our divisions also serve our customers from our global sales, quality and logistics supports locations:




MacLean-Fogg International (MFI)

MacLean-Fogg International (MFI) has its headquarters in Illinois and locations in Taiwan, China and India. MFI’s engineers and quality expertise manage the procurement, engineering and quality for MacLean-Fogg parts and components and our customers worldwide.

MFI is a key component of MacLean-Fogg’s organization.  MFI supports the global sourcing and business development activities of all MacLean-Fogg operating businesses.